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Calculate Your Office Square Footage Requirements

Use the Space Analysis Worksheet to determine the estimated square footage needed for your office facility based upon the number, sizes and types of spaces and/or rooms required.

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Office Space Analysis Prepared for:
Description Size Qty Dimensions USF Unit USF Total USF
Common Areas
Reception / Waiting Area  Small - 2 people 10' x 15'
Reception / Waiting Area  Medium - 5 people 20' x 20'
Conference Room  Small - 6 people 15' x 15'
Conference Room  Medium -10 people 15' x 20'
Conference Room  Large - 14 people 15' x 30'
Kitchen/Break Area  Small - 6 people 10' x 12'
Kitchen/Break Area  Large - 12 people 15' x 20'
Coffee Bar Area  Small 4' x 6'
Computer/Server Room  Small 4' x 6'
Computer/Server Room  Medium 10' x 12'
File / Storage Room  Small 10' x 12'
File / Storage Room  Large 15' x 20'
Work Room (Copy, fax, mail)  Small 10' x 12'
Work Room (Copy, fax, mail)  Large 15' x 20'
USF Sub Total  
Offices and other Work Areas
Private Offices  Small 10' x 12'
Private Offices  Standard 10' x 15'
CEO / Director Office  Small 15' x 15'
CEO / Director Office  Large 15' x 20'
Office Cubicles  Small 6' x 6'
Office Cubicles  Medium 8' x 6'
Office Cubicles  Large 8' x 8'
USF Sub Total  
Total Square Feet
x Circulation Factor 35%  
Total Useable Square Feet (USF)
x Common Area Factor 15%  
Total Required Rentable Square Feet (RSF) *

* Landlords charge Tenants based on the number of Rentable Square Feet ("RSF") leased. The RSF calculation starts as a total of the Usable Square Footage ("USF"), the dimensions of the actual spaces. To this USF is added a Circulation Factor, typically 35% - 40%, which is essentially the space allowing movement between the individual rooms/spaces. Landlords then add to this number a Common Area Factor ("CAF"), typically about 15%, to account for those areas shared by all tenants in a multi-tenant building (lobby, restrooms, shared hallways, etc.).

Type of Office Space ** RSF
Gross Annual Costs/RSF * Gross Monthly Costs Gross Annual Costs
Class A Office    ** Description
Class B Office    ** Description
Class C Office    ** Description
* Gross Annual Costs/Rentable Square Foot(RSF)in the form below are average asking rates for the Denver Metro area and are updated quarterly. Understanding Rental Costs: Understanding Office Building Rental Rates: Are you Comparing Apples to ... Oranges?