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Government Commercial Real Estate Services

Guidance Corporate Realty Advisors has extensive experience representing government entities on commercial real estate lease and purchase transactions, and other projects including strategic planning assignments. 

Government entities have special requirements around their use of commercial property that can prove challenging, but can be successfully addressed with the benefit of strong experience.   Our work includes: 
·         Successfully addressing typical governmental lease requirements for termination rights due to lack of funding.
·         Successfully addressing Landlord concerns regarding uses for critical governmental services that are often perceived as less than desirable, including Probations, Diversion and Social Services program uses.
·         Successfully addressing governmental needs for high quality, yet cost effective solutions that reduce both up-front and on-going costs.
·         Successfully leveraging strong governmental credit for lower lease rates, higher tenant finish allowances and elimination of security deposit requirements.
·         Successfully leveraging strong governmental credit for lower prices for purchase of commercial property including land and/or buildings.
·         Successfully navigating the internal approvals process including providing detailed documentation to allow for clear decision making.
·         Coordination of numerous consultants and vendors as required for thorough documentation of due diligence activities including environmental consultants, architectural and engineering consultants, endangered species and wetlands consultants to achieve “no bad surprises” transactions.
In the past eight years, Guidance has represented governmental groups on the following transactions:
·         Department of Motor Vehicles: Commercial lease negotiations, including lease renewals
·         Elections Offices: Commercial lease negotiations, including lease renewals
·         Electronic Voting Equipment Warehouse: Warehouse lease negotiation
·         Probations Offices: Commercial lease renewal negotiations
·         District Attorney’s Diversion Program: New office lease
·         Work Force Offices: Commercial lease negotiations
·         Office Building Purchase: Purchase of 55,000 SF office building to create multi-purpose governmental services center
·         Public Health Office: Commercial Lease renewal negotiations
·         Police Training Facility: Purchase of 400 acres for planned facility
·         County Office Campus: Purchase of 100 acres for planned new County Office Campus
·         Dispositions: Sublease or Lease Termination negotiations for surplus office space
·         Consulting: Lease vs. Buy Analysis
·         Consulting: Strategic Planning: Cost analysis of current facility portfolio vs. various purchase options
·         Adaptive Re-Use: Purchase and redevelopment of a 75,000 SF former hospital into a multi-function government, education and health services center.
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Guidance Corporate Realty Advisors provides Corporate Tenant / Buyer Representation services to corporate real estate users in the Denver metropolitan area including Boulder, Colorado.  Guidance also provides these services in all major U. S. markets, as well as markets in Canada, Asia, South and Central America, and Europe.  To contact: (303) 442-5400 ext 2; Email for Information; 521 Valley View Drive, Boulder, CO 80304; 5231 Monroe Street, Suite 200, Denver, CO 80216.

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