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Guidance Corporate Realty Advisors has extensive experience representing tenants on both complex, and straight-forward lease and lease renewal transactions. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies with multiple sites to local firms with a single location.  

As your
Tenant Representative, we will listen carefully to understand your needs and then work diligently to provide creative, flexible and cost-effective solutions:
  • Our proven process helps ensure you save time and money on your new retail lease / renewal and achieve superior results with tenant improvements/TI Allowance and lease provisions that protect you now, and in the future,
  • We typically save clients between 10% - 40% on their lease transactions,
  • In almost all cases, our fees are paid by the Landlord
The satisfaction of our clients is the measure of our success - up to 70% of our work is with previous clients who return when it is time to renew / relocate their business or purchase a facility, or for companies to whom we are referred.  Testimonials >

Using a broker skilled in Tenant Representation can help you avoid some common pitfalls in commercial retail leases:

  • Misunderstanding the implications of retail lease structures - Triple Net (NNN), Gross, Modified Gross, and Percentage Rent
  • Exposure to significant out-of-pocket costs for tenant improvements
  • Inadequate understanding of local and regional retail deomographics
  • Poor space utilization or layout
  • Poor visibility, problems with access, and inadequate signage
  • Lack of flexibility for your company in terms of expansion, expiration, holdover, termination and renewal provisions
  • Lack of control over certain operating expense costs that get passed through to tenants

Now is the perfect time
to discuss strategies to help retail tenants maximize opportunity in the current greater Boulder and Metro
Denver commercial real estate market:
  • Early lease renewals can lock in lower lease rates, and/or provide for needed tenant improvements
  • Gain concessions from landlords, such as free rent, higher tenant improvement allowance, specific provisions that provide flexibility
  • Evaluate the many factors that can enhance your position with retail center owners, for example: your company’s financial strength; the new lending and refinancing rules’ significant impact on building owners; increasing building vacancy rates, etc.

Contact us at (303) 442-5400 or email to discuss how we can help you, as a retail tenant, leverage the changes in the greater Metro Denver commercial real estate market. 

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Guidance Corporate Realty Advisors provides Corporate Tenant / Buyer Representation services to corporate real estate users in the Denver metropolitan area including Boulder, Colorado.  Guidance also provides these services in all major U. S. markets, as well as markets in Canada, Asia, South and Central America, and Europe.  To contact: (303) 442-5400 ext 2; Email for Information; 521 Valley View Drive, Boulder, CO 80304; 5231 Monroe Street, Suite 200, Denver, CO 80216.

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