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Boulder and Denver Office Space Subleasing / Downsizing

Boulder Denver Offfice Space Subleasing, Lease Assignment

Business is dynamic, and changing business conditions or strategies may sometimes necessitate the disposition of leased or owned corporate facilities via sublease, lease assignment or building sale.

Guidance Corporate Realty Advisors understands management's need to move quickly - to stanch the bleeding of financial resources.  Be sure to engage an expert who has dealt with the complexities of these transactions, one who understands and can translate your needs into creative solutions that yield results quickly.

Guidance has extensive experience successfully negotiating office and industrial subleases, lease assignments, lease buy-outs and building sales, including disposing of multiple facilities located across the country:

Lease Disposition

Lease and facility arrangements, also known as sublease negotiations are tricky because they require three-way negotiations between the Tenant, the Landlord, and the prospective Subtenant.  To achieve successful outcomes, one needs a thorough understanding of the process and the skill that comes with experience.

By engaging guidance, you will receive expert advice, advocacy, and service throughout a comprehensive plan of action:

  • A thorough review of the Tenant's lease documents with a focus on
    the Landlord's approval clauses,
  • An analysis of competing space currently available in the building
         and surrounding areas,
  • Recommendations regarding proposed sublease rates and terms,
  • Identifying potential inclusions, such as phone systems, furniture, etc. and their costs,
  • Outline and collection of Premises information to be presented to prospects (floor plans, IT plans, etc.),
  • Marketing strategies regarding open houses, broker contact, direct mail
    and/or advertising campaigns,
  • Strategies for internet marketing including broadcast email campaigns, and
  • An attractive Premises marketing brochure with photos. Brochures are prepared in both hard copy and digital (PDF) format for use with email transmission and on-line download.

Our process is designed to generate significant interest in the brokerage community with the goal of producing a qualified Subtenant or Lease Assignee acceptable to the Landlord.

Building Disposition or Sale

When business strategies shift, facility needs change, or downsizing requires the sale of property, Guidance brokers can facilitate selling corporate real estate.

The process is similar, beginning with developing a detailed marketing plan that includes:

  • Recommendations for pricing the asset,
  • Identification of the target market,
  • Outline of information to be presented to prospects (floor plans, etc...),
  • Strategies regarding open houses, broker contact, direct mail and/or advertising campaigns,
  • Strategies for internet marketing including broadcast email campaigns,
  • A property marketing brochure with photos of property, prepared in both hard copy and digital (pdf) format for use with email transmission and on-line download, and
  • For larger properties, a property web site can be created, with photos, floor-plans and other information readily available to prospective buyers.

In addition to pricing the asset correctly and marketing it effectively, the key factor in disposing of leased or owned property quickly is the responsiveness of the marketing team.  Guidance commits to cooperating effectively with brokers representing prospective buyers, to schedule showings promptly, to answer all questions quickly and accurately, to issue proposals or answer Requests for Proposals quickly, and to work effectively to negotiate and finalize each sales transaction. 

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