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Any new facility lease, lease expansion, lease renewal or a facility purchase involves much more than just negotiating a favorable transaction. 

Relocations or expansions can create significant demands on key personnel to manage numerous issues.  As only one example, almost every relocation or expansion (whether via lease or purchase) involves some level of interior construction, called Tenant Improvements ("TI") construction, ranging from relatively minor (new carpet and paint) to very significant when this build-out starts from a "shell" condition.  Read Articles on TI Construction.

Who in your organization will:

  • Oversee the design process to achieve the company's goals while maintaining the required construction budget?
  • Manage the actual construction process to assure that questions  are answered, issues are resolved and the project is constructed in compliance with the agreed plans?
  • Manage specification, procurement and installation of new furniture and tenant improvements?
  • Manage IT infrastructure design and installation, including relocation of existing phone and data lines?
  • Procure new stationary?
  • Coordinate the actual move?
  • Keep the project on schedule (thereby preventing hold-over rent at the existing premises or loss of free rent at the new location)?
  • Communicate effectively with all interested parties and address all issues as they arise?
All of these tasks require a significant investment of time and draw key personnel away from their primary responsibilities.

The Challenge of TI Construction

Even if the Landlord delivers the TI construction on a "Turnkey" basis (where the Landlord manages the process), the construction drawings must be created with a high level of detail, and the construction carefully supervised to assure that you are getting what you need and expect.  In cases where the Landlord provides only a TI Allowance (where the Tenant oversees all aspects of the build-out), these funds must be managed carefully to ensure they fully cover the costs of construction.  Read Articles on TI Construction.

Engaging Experienced Project Management

Guidance can help!  We offer a full range of Project Management services including:

  • Interior Architect Selection and Contract Negotiation
  • Design Review
  • General Contractor Pre-Qualification, Selection and Contract Negotiation
  • Construction Pricing Review and Value
  • Construction Management
  • Furniture design, procurement and installation
  • Phone & data cabling design and installation
  • IT design, relocation or modification
  • Phone and data services relocation coordinated to minimize or eliminate downtime
  • Office technology specification and procurement for phone system, photocopiers, etc.
  • Move vendor selection and move coordination
  • Project tracking to assure that the entire project stays on budget and on schedule

Guidance can oversee your entire project, or any of these services can be provided on a menu basis. 

Please Contact Us to discuss ways in which Guidance Project Management Services can help you save time and money, and deliver your project on schedule.


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