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The Solomon Foundation Doug Crozier, CEO

"When it came to negotiations Norm and Wendy were relentless on our behalf to get the best deal possible. They were professional, courteous, and detailed with the landlords to strive for the best possible outcome for The Solomon Foundation."  Read the full letter

K2 Audio, LLC Deb Britton, CEO and Principal Consultant

"Considering all of the curve balls we threw your way, you never wavered, complained or rolled your eyes at us. And in the end your process got us where we needed to be - we saved money and received the needed tenant improvements to make our space function optimally."  Read the full letter

East Resources, Inc. Dirk Anderson, Vice President

"I am extremely grateful for your efforts and primarily credit the successful completion of this entire process to your knowledge of the corporate real estate business and your steadfast determination to provide the best possible solution to our unique situation."  Read the full letter

Adams County Colorado Pat Myers, Director of Facility
Operations & Planning

"... I feel strongly that the services provided to Adams County were far from ordinary. In fact, the quality of services provided to Adams County...during the last three years has been consistently of the highest quality."   Read the full letter

Front Range Community College Glenn Good, Ph.D., Dean of Instruction

"In your many roles representing the building’s buyer and as the project construction manager, you also took very good care of our needs as a tenant – hearing our concerns and finding the most workable, cost-effective solutions."  Read the full letter

Kerr McGee Corporation Ramsey Fahel, Director of Special Projects,
Currently President, Anadarko China

"The broker is an extension of my reputation; other brokers were unresponsive or patronizing. I had instant access to Norm, the principal of the company, who was a great mentor and provided the education I needed to be effective in negotiations.  He listened and understood my need to provide positive results to management."  Read the full letter

Brighton Urban Renewal Authority Jac Cuney, Assistant Executive Director

"Thank you for the skill and diligence you demonstrated in your variety of roles, not only on behalf of your client, but for the interests of all of us involved.  I truly valued your professional brokerage and construction management contributions to this project..."  Read the full letter

ADT Security Services Jay Kirksey, Vice President -
Human Resources

"Your follow-up and thoroughness were really outstanding!  We felt like you were acting as our internal real estate department.  You were our advocate and whenever you said you would do something, you delivered."

Neva Ridge Technologies Paul Bodnar, CFO

"... your thorough understanding of contract language and your patience to sort through all of the fine details and help me understand them was both inspiring and essential to insure our company was making the right decision."  Read the full letter

Boulder Corporation Lesley Taufer, President and CEO

"Norm has an absolutely magnificent attitude...by far, the best business management and business process that I have seen in the industry.  He provided in-depth comparisons for every deal, every statistic to look at to see the real costs."   Read the full letter

TRW Systems & Information D. Reboulet, Manager, Real Estate Operations

"...shows what tenacity can get you.  Thanks for all your help!"

Ian MacKinlay Architecture Steve Norwood, Chief Architect, Colorado

"...the level of service and the attention to us as a client is what makes them so special...very responsive to exactly what we needed. (They) can deal with a lot of people on any level.  That is one of their strongest assets."

Brinkmann Constructors David Lavoy, Director of
Business Development

"Thank you for your professionalism and patience...finding an appropriate site which best represented our company's image and location needs was a lengthy challenge for all of us, and for which I feel we could have not accomplished without your market knowledge and contacts."   Read the full letter

Columbia College Dr. Mike Randerson, Dean of the
Extended Studies Division

"Your expertise was invaluable to the successful completion of lease negotiations and the subsequent remodeling operation.  In addition to your quick responses to our endless questions, I appreciated your willingness to assist us in matters that were often beyond the general scope of your services."   Read the full letter

Terralliance Technologies Inc. Margaret Quinn, Project Manager

"You present with integrity.  I trust you not to get me into a bad situation with a difficult landlord."

The Paradigm Health Club Mia and Bob Jasper, Principals

"Your strategies were effective, your advice was sound and your expertise lent credibility to our project. Your reputation and professional approach gave us access to top-notch architects (and) general contractors."   Read the full letter

Prima Energy Corporation Dick Lewis, President

"In less than two months they located our space, aided in negotiating the lease and made sure that the necessary build-out was completed in time to accommodate our move-in date."   Read the full letter

Gateway Funding Diversified Mortgage Services Deborah Salazar, Vice President
 Mortgage Operations

"Norm educated me on the first call.  He did a good job describing the different kinds of brokers.  I did not know about Tenant Reps."

Pearl Izumi / Rodeer Systems Lily C. Flores, Manager, Human Resources

"...Norm DeHart (has) provided impeccable service in the real estate arena for both Pearl Izumi and Rodeer Systems...very responsive to our needs, and very familiar with the different markets in the various cities...consistent, cooperative, and extremely motivated in helping us achieve the real estate goals of the organization."   Read the full letter

Wolf Electronix Jim Trent Sr., CEO

"I appreciated that you were able to develop a number of suitable options on fairly short notice, especially after we encountered problems with the tenant trying to sublease their space in Gunbarrel.  When these negotiations stalled, you were quickly able to develop a number of alternative options (and) you negotiated a lease with very favorable rates and terms."   Read the full letter

Stride & Associates, Inc. Brian Murphy, Vice President of
Business Development

"As a newcomer to the area, Stride benefited greatly from (their) knowledge of the local business landscape, understanding of the current business climate and facility at identifying appropriate properties to consider.  The last of these points came from their ability to listen.  They took the time to understand my views on what would be important to Stride in not just selecting a site, but in succeeding in a given location."

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