Site Selection & Purchase

Purchasing land to build an office, industrial or special-use building requires knowledge and expertise distinct from that required for purchasing existing buildings.

Our Process

Following in-depth discussion about our client’s needs and goals for Site Selection, we work to identify and evaluate various site options. Our process includes researching numerous issues including land costs, planning and zoning issues, property tax rates, highway access, potential government incentives, work force demographics and other specific criteria. Pre-planning with an architectural site-planner to quantify the prospective site size based on a client’s target building size may also be warranted.

Once a potential site has been identified, Guidance Corporate Realty Advisors aggressively negotiates the most favorable purchase price and terms. We work to put the property under a detailed purchase contract, structured to allow adequate time to thoroughly research and identify all contingency issues, which typically include:

We research and identify all contingency issues


Examination of all property title issues


Production of an updated ALTA survey and addressing any related issues


Detailed review of planning and zoning issues (an approval from relevant government agencies for constructing a new building could be a contingency item)


Review of environmental issues including Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessments


Coordination of any required engineering studies including soils or drainage reports


Coordination of any required surveys for wetlands or endangered species assessments


Quantifying property tax and utility costs (water, sewer, electricity, gas)


Quantifying costs for delivery of new utility services


Quantifying costs for installation of necessary transportation infrastructure (roads, rail)


Securing adequate project financing

Referrals to Qualified Consultants

Guidance can provide access to all of the consultants routinely needed for these projects including surveyors, engineers, planning consultants, environmental consultants, real estate attorneys, etc.

Our brokers have a solid track record of working closely and effectively through the entire due diligence process with our clients’ attorneys, and other land planning consultants and engineers, to coordinate all of the above phases involved with land purchases.

If desired, we can provide references to highly skilled real estate attorneys with whom we have worked in the past. The advantage is that the close teamwork we’ve developed can translate into significant savings for our clients on legal fees. Please contact us about our special legal services program.

Contact Us

Please contact us to discuss land purchases for building an office, industrial or special-use building.

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Adams County, Colorado

… I feel strongly that the services provided to Adams County were far from ordinary. In fact, the quality of services provided to Adams County…during the last three years has been consistently of the highest quality.

Pat Myers

Director of Facility Operations & Planning, Adams County, Colorado

Your strategies were effective, your advice was sound and your expertise lent credibility to our project. Your reputation and professional approach gave us access to top-notch architects (and) general contractors.

Mia and Bob Jasper

Principals, The Paradigm Health Club

The Paradigm Health Club

We were initially engaged by the principals of The Paradigm Health Club to help them locate and lease a facility for their planned athletic club to be located in Louisville, Colorado. The facility requirements were challenging: a special-use building with large amounts of parking, high ceilings, heavy HVAC and specialized interior build-out, and the potential club location was critical because visibility and accessibility were key issues

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We don’t accept listings from Landlords or Sellers because we strongly believe that working for both Owners and Buyers creates potential conflicts of interest.

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